Comment/Content Policy

Welcome to Things You Should Know and today I thought I would talk about our videos, comments, private and direct mail policy.

I just wanted to clarify any misunderstandings about this channel. This channel is about showing you the things that your general education doesn’t normally cover. This includes lesser known historical incidents, battles, people, politics, science, etc. The focus is on minorities of all types when possible.

That being said, this channel is based on the best academic resources I can find. The goal of this channel is to provide education in historical, business, science and any other aspects we cover. I attempt to provide all the resources I can and when in doubt I try to make sure to identify questionable sources as questionable.

This is not about promoting alternative views of history, politics, science.

I am happy to make corrections. I often don’t know how to pronounce something correctly, or I might have missed a fact, or maybe I just even made an incorrect edit in the video. I absolutely prefer feedback that identifies these for me so I can try and change them. Sometimes that isn’t possible but I would rather be pointed out where I am wrong, then to continue thinking something that isn’t true. If it is a fact that I am wrong on, I do need some sort of support to change my mind, preferably from a peer reviewed study, academic acceptance, etc.

This channel does not accept conspiracy theories, dog whistles, racism, sexism, bigotry, Islamaphobia, transphobia, homophobia or any other phobia.
Thank you for your time, and see you next time on Things You should Know.