Works Cited

Below is an index of works cited for all videos posted after January 1, 2023. All prior videos cited their primary sources in their post but relied heavily on the fair use doctrine for educational materials. To ensure the most recognition possible, though, we have restructured the videos moving forward to include in the post references for all images/videos used with all the citations necessary for them. All images are cited in the image galleries. However, that would be too unwieldy to do here as well.

Here we will attempt to list them in MLA format (or as close as possible) and link them to the videos if that doesn’t get too unwieldy. We will also try and remaster our older videos as time allows to use more updated information and source citations.

Because of the number of works cited regularly moving forward, we will have subpages for each video series to try and make the citations at least semi-easy to read format.

Links to the Appropriate Series Cited Sources