Ideas (non-video post)

Things You Should Know has been running successfully for seven weeks. I have gotten great feedback and found I really enjoy this (almost more than video game LP’s). My next step is to add a third regular series of videos per week (my eventual goal is actually four, but I only want to add a single regular/semi-regular series at a time). Right now I am just trying to figure out what to do.

I want to cover things that most people don’t know or aren’t familiar with. I have kicked around the idea of something else historical (maybe a biography of lesser known people, or more recent history bits). I was also considering going into areas I am less familiar with. This would force me to learn stuff and I think that is great. I am considering astronomy (that is awesome), debunking myths, or perhaps teaching a new type of class (much like my accounting videos), even something along the lines of a science, or math type thing.

Before I make any decisions I wanted to ask people who do watch the videos, anyone have ideas? The basic idea is it would have to be teachable in 3-8 minute segments (or be able to be split up among segments), interesting enough that people want to watch and something I can do visually. I love the accounting series but that is about as dry as I want to go with a series. The Civil War stuff is great, especially with some of the pictures I can find, but I wonder if it would have been better to start with something like a more current war, that way video footage would be available.

Either way I wouldn’t start it up for a couple/few more weeks just so I can film up a respectable back stock, I am thinking around May 1st. Let me know what you think.

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