Quick Break

An knowledge update, sort of like the apple.
An knowledge update, sort of like the apple.

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are under a heavy audit deadline at work. This means no new videos probably until after July 4th (I may get them up sooner, but I don’t want to promise anything, especially with a holiday coming up as well).

Also, I am always taking suggestions for People You Should Know. If you have any suggestions please submit them. I am looking for lesser known people, and I tend to favor women and other minorities because I feel they don’t get enough coverage in normal history (but I absolutely will consider a white male if it is someone relatively unknown).

If you follow my video game let’s plays, you will see those will continue through, but that is because I have played the games far ahead (and they are queued until end of July).

Look for an accounting/tax/auditing section coming this summer as well.

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