1915-17 Battle of Aubers Ridge 09 May 1915

The infamous Shell Crisis of 1915 combined with British inability to learn while the Germans do just that.

1915 (Published 07/15/2022)

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Internet Sources:

NEWSPAPERS (all newspapers retrieved from https://newspapers.com)

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Books/Visual Imagery

  • Buchan, John, Nelson’s History of the War Volume 1 Aslan Press 2008 
  • Keegan, John, The First World War, Vintage 2012 Kindle
  • William Barnes Wollen’s painting of Lt. Hugh Niven leading the defense of Frezenberg Ridge after his superior officers were all killed or wounded today. 


  • Ich hatte’ einen Kamraden – Deutsch- Oesterreichisches militär potpourri. Victor, Camden, New Jersey, 1915. Audio. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, http://www.loc.gov/item/jukebox.1993.

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